100_0043.jpg - swmallerWhat I’m About:

I have always been creative. My childhood was filled with coloring books and tempera paint and my stuffed animals acting out the stories in my head. I was allowed to live in my imagination well beyond when many children were told to “grow up.”

Inspiration comes to me through the books I read and the people I meet, but mostly from the memories of my imaginary childhood world. Nature lends Her poetry to my soul in the sunlight filtering through leaves, misty mornings and rainbows following an afternoon thunderstorm.

My goal is to share the inspiration behind a piece of artwork, a story idea, a dream or anything else related to my creative world.

I hope my work connects with you.

Thanks so much for visiting!


Artist Biography:

Denise M. Sessous is an artist, writer and dreamer living in Richmond, VA.


She received a BFA degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1994. Her paintings are mostly watercolor or acrylic with details rendered in marker. She refers to her signature works as “healing art” which consist of vibrant, layered watercolor depicting chakra energy and spiritual concepts. She infuses her art with Reiki energy as she works.


She is currently editing the first draft of her first novel: Tree Dragon, a new-adult fantasy depicting the adventures of a teenage girl who finds herself whisked away to another world when her favorite tree turns into a dragon.


Dreaming is an important part of her creative process. Denise keeps a dream journal and finds her dreams offer an abundant source of inspiration for her writing and art.





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