Short Stories

  • Honey/Sheahanna/Chicory, a three-perspectives short story - Honey Early fall sunshine streamed through the window. I sat tucked in my favorite niche, a window seat built into a dormer in a spare bedroom turned library. My feet were heavy blocks of ice despite the unseasonably warm day and thick wool socks. I angled myself so I could I sit cross-legged and wrapped […]
  • Breathing Underwater, a short story - Nicole parked her car in her parent’s drive and killed the engine. Mid-morning sunshine filtered through the trees promising a bright, spring day. There were no other cars and the house was dark, all according to plan. Barring any surprises, she’d have the whole day to herself. She breathed a sigh of relief. Not that […]
  • Schrodinger’s Pocket, a short story - Schrodinger’s Pocket, a short story “If you can guess what I have in my pocket, you can have it.” I looked up to see a man regarding me with warm brown eyes, the quirk of a smile playing on his lips. Sitting alone in my favorite coffee shop nested in my usual corner with latte, […]
  • Potato Dreams, a short story - Potato Dreams, a short story A lowly potato has few aspirations. Herbert knew his purpose maturing in the soil. He had been created for sustenance and he did not fear his destiny. When his skin hardened and his starches formed, he knew the time had come. Throughout his harvesting experience, he set forth his intention […]

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