Dragon World

Dragon World is the universe I’ve created for my first series of novels. It’s based on  a combination of my imaginary play as a child, feng shui elements and the metaphysical/spiritual concepts that are becoming my day to day reality.

I’ll use this page to expand on the different concepts and creatures of this world that is slowly unfolding as I write it. Please forgive any awkwardness, this is a continuous work in progress.

Dragon World Book Series:

  • Tree Dragon
  • Stone Dragon
  • Metal Dragon
  • Water Dragon
  • Fire Dragon

A teenage girl who believes she is more extra-ordinary than extraordinary, longs for her peers to see beyond her frumpy shell and accept her for who she is. She wanders through her life preferring her imagination to the emotionally charged reality. She has always looked at her world and felt that she didn’t quite fit there, that there was something more in store for her or somewhere else she was supposed to be. She looks to the forested mountains and contemplates leaving everything behind – school, home, her parents.

One day, as she takes respite in her favorite tree, she is surprised to find that it is a massive dragon as it transforms before her eyes. Still is shock, she is transported to another world called Auriga where she must overthrow the warlord calling himself the Sorcerer and unite the people in peace.

Cast of Characters:

  • Raphaella “Ralph” Estelle Williams – our heroine, a girl of 15 soon to be 16. Her classmates dubbed her Ralph as soon as she entered kindergarten. She tried fighting for her name but found it was easier to let them have their way and hide behind her frumpy, tomboy shell rather than trying to be pretty and popular.
  • Sterling Aurelius Paladin – our hero, a young man of about 19. Sent on a quest to save his world and protect the Queen, he soon discovers he is on his own journey of self discovery. But he struggles against his ego and the innate differences between the Queen’s culture and his own.
  • Duir – the Tree Dragon that Ralph wakes. He will carry Ralph on her journey and fight by her side.
  • Bronwyn – an Amazon princess charged with instructing and protecting Ralph during her journey. This is her own journey of growth and discovery as she is given the opportunity to explore the world and choose her place in it.
  • Perchitrilli – “Perch”, a young Pennipotenti (see Cast of Creatures below), now fully into his first adult plumage (about 17 years old) is both a hero and anti-hero. He is haunted by an unknown connection to the Sorcerer that is growing steadily stronger. He distrusts Sterling and seeks to protect Ralph from him.
  • The Alchemist – the wise soothsayer who foresaw the coming of the new queen Raphaella and sent Sterling on his quest.
  • The Sorcerer – Once the apprentice of the last Alchemist, Rhazes sought to use the alchemical powers for his own selfish desires instead of benefiting the people. He thwarted the dragons by casting the sleep spell on them and must be stopped before the next astrological alignment or the world will continue in chaos for another five thousand years.

Cast of Creatures:

  • Tree Dragons – These beasts resemble trees. The trunk becomes their body, the branches and leaves become their wings, and the roots become their feet. They are massive and graceful. They breathe steam and boiling water, and have sharp talons and teeth. Their eyes range through all the colors of amber – from milky white & yellow to green to all the shades of gold and orange. They are the only “physical” dragons that can fly. Their wings provide camouflage and they are able to revert to their dormant tree-form for further concealment. The power of the dragon-heart crystal (green peridot with leaf-like striations) imbues the wearer with the power to hide themselves, and as their control grows, others in their party. The power of the wooden grip and pommel imbues the wielder with the power of flight. This manifests as being able to leap great distances and hover briefly during battle.
  • Stone Dragons – These beasts are made of earth and range in appearance from rough boulders to crystals. They are land bound and tend to be large, bulky and cumbersome. They are sturdy and nearly indestructible in battle. They breathe fire and molten stone. Their eyes range from deep crimson to fiery red. They can revert to their dormant stone-form to create barriers and obstacles. The power of the dragon-heart crystal (orange topaz with circular striations) imbues the wearer with the power of imperviousness protecting them and those around them from assault. The power of the stone guard/cross imbues the wielder with the power of strength. This manifests as being able to lift/carry a heavy load or another person with ease and being able to throw heavy items and withstand brutal forces upon the body.
  • Metal Dragons – These beasts come from the earth but are made from the ores most men mine. They resemble precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum but can also be comprised of copper, lead, and iron. They are very fast and mutable being able to change form easily but cannot fly. They breathe lightning bolts. Their eyes are fathomless black mirrors. They rarely revert to their dormant metal-form instead choosing to change shape to match the obstacle presented. They can only change their shape, not their mass. The power of the dragon-heart crystal (metallic-black hematite with circular striations) imbues the wearer with the power of agility. This manifests as powerful gracefulness in battle. The power of the metal blade imbues the wielder with the power of speed, manifesting as quick and powerful snake-like strikes, parries, and blows.
  • Water Dragons – These dragons are true elementals, composed of water they move in, out, through, and command the three forms of water: liquid, solid, and vapor.
  • Fire Dragons – These dragons are also true elementals, composed of fire. They move in, out, through, and command the forms of fire: liquid magma and mutable flame. (and the properties of fire: heat and light)
  • Amazons – Tribes of women – tall, strong, and beautiful, fierce in battle, and passionate in love. They mate semi-annually at the equinox with the Spartans in a five day festival in the spring and fall. Male children born of these unions are given to the Spartan tribe once they are weaned from their mothers, usually between the ages of 2 and 5 years.
  • Spartans – The elite army of men led by the Paladins. They are charged with protecting and serving the Kingdom. Although they are the mating choice of the Amazons, they do not limit themselves to mating once a year. They are practiced in many forms of combat and pride themselves on their strength.
  • Pennipotenti – The Bird-Folk of Auriga, (also called Penns or Tenties) are part bird and part human man/woman, resembling North American songbirds – buntings, orioles, cardinals, and jays. The males have brightly colored feathers during mating seasons and the females have more muted plumage year round. Feathers cover the head (crest) and continue down the back of the neck and spine starting short and blunt and becoming more pointed and longer. Their human hair acts as down between the feathers. The wings are the length of the body and emerge from between the shoulder blades. The tail is an extension of the tailbone and ends at the ankle. They have sizeable and strong hands and feet. Their eyes are large and deep set with incredibly acute vision. They have pronounced noses with sharp cheek bones and jaw lines.
  • Feliforma – The Cat People
  • Lepidopta – The Butterfly People
  • Epipropta – The Dragonfly People
  • Volatilli – The Insect People.

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