Take your butterfly to work day


CreativeSprint – Day 24: Take something that you made with you wherever you go, today. Take pictures of it in different places or with different people throughout the day.


Meet Marizza, my prototype butter-fleur. There were some bright spots to our day together, but mostly she watched me work at my computer and answer the phone.

100_0872_web 100_0874_web 100_0875_web 100_0877_web 100_0878_web 100_0882_web 100_0883_web 100_0884_web 100_0886_web 100_0888_web 100_0890_web 100_0908_web 100_0907_web 100_0905_web 100_0909_web 100_0911_web 100_0914_web


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