Hidden Butterfly


Week Five: (Day 12) Camouflage…Create or alter something so that it disappears into its background.

First of all, so sorry about the HUGE time gap between posts. My life got a bit chaotic (as life sometimes does) and I’m returning to a sense of normalcy now.

That being said, I decided to approach this challenge in a more abstract way as opposed to photo-realistic. Butterflies have great camouflage, but they only mimic the texture of bark and leaves.

So, I took lots of pictures: a few with my wood blank in front of the background to get a sense of scale and a ton of the tree with the vines. I cut the photos apart and the decoupaged them to the blank.

Unfortunately, so much time had passed between when I started this project and when I finished that the lighting had changed. And in hindsight, I should have used the photos that’s came out more “yellow” than the ones that came out more “blue.” But, she seems to blend pretty well.

100_1058_web 100_1062_web 100_1064_web 100_1063_web100_1089_web 100_1086_web 100_1088_web 100_1085_web100_1104_web 100_1107_web 100_1113_web100_1115_web 100_1118_web

One thought on “Hidden Butterfly

  1. So beautiful!  I’m glad to see you getting back to your art.  I know that Greg was blown away by what you did for his new office.  You are amazing!  Dad & I are putting tile down in living-room and hallway.  It’s a huge job for us but we’re taking our time.  Hope to see you soon.    Love,   Mom.  XXXOOOXXX!!!!


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