Getting my #CreateSprint on…again

Well, I wasn’t sure if I would do this again as I currently find myself trying to keep up with my Butterfly-a-Week personal challenge. The more I looked at the email in my inbox, though, the more it called to me. I had so much fun creating things, posting them and looking at what everyone else posted. How could I pass that up, really?

So, here I go again…

Won’t you join me this time? Please visit CreativeSprint and check out the stories. If you find it as inspiring as I do, sign up for the 30-day challenge. It starts October 1, 2016 so you have time to get some mind-space around the idea.

The beauty is, do what you can. If you find a challenge too daunting, use it as a springboard to challenge yourself to come at the idea another way – choose the opposite/inverse, play with the words or collaborate with a friend. It’s a creative challenge after all and at the very least, it will get your juices flowing and ideas filling up your journal or sketchbook.

I hope to see you out there!

creative sprint

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