Color Collector

CreativeSprint – Day 5

Work with a collection of your own or borrow one.

I don’t really have a collection, so I decided to work with something I have a lot of…art supplies! I can’t seem to pass up a new box of crayons or a package of bright markers. I might be an addict. Or, as I like to justify it, er see it, I’m a collector of color.


100_0799_web  100_0795_web




Hello, my pretties…


*cackling laugh*My Pretties - web

I know it’s a bit late for Halloween humor, but oh well.

Just some late birthday goodies I bought for myself with my birthday gift cards – thanks again Mom, Dad and Sweetie-pies!

I feel the creative juices flowing at the mere thought of playing with all my new colors and brushes. I typically use the Chinese brushes as my work is usually loose and contemporary. I also invested in a new bottle of rubber cement and a “pick-up” eraser to play with resists. And, I’m very excited to experiment with the Prismacolor markers. They’ll be a step up from the Sharpies.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…