Butterfly Collage

CreativeSprint is starting back up October 1. I’ve decided to use Photoshop as my medium for this challenge, with the theme still being butterflies (of course). So, I’ll be playing around a bit trying to sharpen my rudimentary PS skills, and hopefully posting a bit more often.
Here’s a little something that came as a result of this evening’s messing around…




CreativeSprint – Day 14: Create something inspired by an email, text or other message that you receive today.

I get a daily newsletter from Today called “Stuff We Love,” and in today’s Today email I found this article about a t-shirt for travelers. It’s covered with icons and all you have to do is point to the image representing what you want. Genius or lazy, I can’t decide. Maybe lazy genius?


But, it did inspire me to create the butterfly version…

Maybe I’ll print it on a t-shirt one day…