Home Sweet Home


Day 7 – Make something that represents the town, city, state or country you call home.

Even though I live in Richmond, Virginia, my home, my heart will always be in the mountains. I often miss the woods and the winding roads.

May parents still live in the Christiansburg area and the mountain photo was taken from my parents’ driveway.

Sorry RVA for the black and white version, I was going for contrast. No offense…

I’ve included the full-color versions below. Let me know if I made the right choice for the featured image.


day-7-home-v3 day-7-home-v1


Hidden Butterflies


Day 5 – Camouflage something.

Ever play hidden object?


Well, here’s your chance.

I’ve hidden five butterflies in this image.

Can you find them all? I tried not to make them too obvious, but maybe they’re too hard to find.

You be the judge…

If you need a hint, here’s another version with the butterflies marked. You may need to scroll down a little bit…













Twinkle, twinkle little butterfly


Day 3 – Use a nursery rhyme or other children’s song as your source material today.

I was all about the stars growing up, From Twinkle to Star Light, Star Bright, I wished and sang and wished some more. I don’t remember exactly what I wished for, but I remember looking up at the stars and I still look up every chance I get.



In the palm of my hand


Day 1 – Make something that fits in the palm of your hand using only the materials in your immediate environment.

So, just in case you don;t know. I’m rejoining the CreativeSprint community for the month of October. Our goal, to do something creative every day for thirty days.

I’ve chosen Photoshop as my medium and butterflies as my theme. Here is the Day 1 result and my first two attempts. (They were too cool not to share.)


day-1-hand-v2 day-1-hand-v1