Healing Waters

Healing Waters - CroppedI created this piece for my mom. (Aww…) She has very high energy, almost akin to perpetual motion. She’s always on the go, doing for others to the point she has very little time for herself.

So, I wanted to give her a respite, a cool, calm sanctuary to bring her Aries energy in check and allow her to relax and heal.

Healing Waters Sketch - webThis started as a small sketch in a pocket-size journal. I had initially wanted more detail, but as I worked, I realized I needed fewer lines.

It took about two weeks to complete this piece. Soft ocean sounds and whale song played in my studio while I worked, layering wash upon wash of tranquil blues and greens.

When it felt finished, I hung the rough-edged pages on the wall. I wept as the love I had poured onto the paper washed over me.

In my Reiki studies, I learned about kundalini energy. I discovered that if the energy encounters a closed or blocked chakra as it rises along the spine, it can manifest as health issues in the physical body.

Women tend to have blockages around their throat chakra from repressed expression of voicing their own needs, ideas and feelings resulting in thyroid issues. The color representing the throat chakra is blue. So in hindsight, it looks like my higher-self intended healing with this painting all along.

The framed original hangs proudly at my parents’ home. Prints of this piece along with a piece that I created for my dad are available on Etsy.