Chakra Healing Heart


I created this piece for my dad. In my Reiki studies and reading about energy healing, I learned that when the kundalini energy rising through the chakras encounters a closed or blocked chakra, it can manifest as health issues in the physical body.

Men in particular tend to have blocked heart chakras from a lifetime of suppressed emotional expression. This causes heart issues in the physical body such as heart disease, blocked arteries and heart attacks.

So, I wanted to give him a gentle and safe environment to balance and clear his heart chakra and in the process bring his other chakras into balance.

This started as a small sketch in a pocket-size journal. I knew that I wanted the color of the heart chakra (green) as the focal point. I added the grounding energy of the root chakra (red) to add balance on either side of the piece.

The energy of these complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel) makes this a very powerful and striking painting.

Prints of this piece along with a piece that I created for my mom are available on Etsy.