It’s in the bag

CreativeSprint – Day 12

Work with only what you find in your pockets or bag, today.

My purse may look small but it holds a ton of crap. Good news for this challenge!

Despite the urge to use my shoulder bag which has a rainbow assortment of PaperMate Flairs, I challenged myself to use the contents of my purse. So, with the exception of a pair of scissors from my desk, I used: the back of an old shopping list, a black ball point pen, nail polish, lip gloss and dental floss.

I even employed my novice Zentangle skills…woot!

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Butterfly face

CreativeSrpint – Day 8

Make something while you are in the bathroom or with materials found in the bathroom, today.

My first thought with this one was, eeeww….

Then I rolled my eyes at myself and chided, “It’s while you’re in the bathroom Denise, not while you’re going to the bathroom.” So, shaking those image out of my mind (yes, sometimes I’m still 12-years-old) wonderful ideas started to fill my mind. I do have art supplies in the bathroom. I use every day to paint on my face…




That’s my name


CreativeSprint РDay 3

Make something inspired by your own name.

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Denise.

Thoughts on wordplay:

  • Denise, derived from Dionysus, the Greek god of wine – still-life with wine and cheese, use wine to paint a butterfly…
  • Den-ise – ice – butterfly ice sculpture, ice cubes arranged in the shape of a butterfly…
  • De-nise – nice – knees – draw butterflies on both my knees….

Choices, choices, choices…and the winner is…

…wine, of course!

I used two red blends and a Moscato for the “watercolor” portion, then added detail with markers. And bonus, I got to enjoy a glass of wine while I worked. Fabulous!