Writing 101

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So…I haven’t been paying much attention to my blog…

It’s a sad, unfortunate thing. Thankfully, Blogging-U came along and pulled me out of my rut.

Crazy overachiever that I am, I chose not only Blogging 101 but also Writing 101.

Even though I signed up for both, my main goal is to write more. Primarily, I’m using this blog to open up and share who I am and what’s going on in my head. I’m the type of person who usually sits off to the side, listening and observing. This blog is my opportunity to share the craziness that churns below my sane demeanor.

And now, the first assignment: why do I write?

Stories find me everywhere I go; when I’m walking in the park, driving in my car, at work or standing in line at the grocery store. Even when I read a non-fiction tome, there’s a part of me that finds a nugget that could be a concept for a character or story idea.

These ideas have lived happily inside my head for most of my life. It is only within the last eight years that I’ve attempted to write them down. The decision to tell my stories started with a spontaneous visit to a bookstore where I discovered a writing group. With a deep breath and a brave step out of my comfort zone, I joined the group and began my writing journey.

Finally – and not just because they read my blog – I want to thank my parents. They let me have the time and space to play in my imagination long after most kids were told to grow up and get serious. I consider this the strongest reason I am as creative as I am today. My imaginary play from my childhood is a large source of inspiration for much of my writing.