Alone by choice…solitude

Cascades 005
Cascades National Recreation Trail, Giles County, Virginia


“Solitude: Being alone without any regrets, sadness, or depression. Not to be confused with ‘loneliness,’ where you are by yourself but long for the companionship of others.”

– The Urban Dictionary






I am an only child. I grew up alone, but I wasn’t lonely. I actually preferred being alone, playing by myself in my own imaginary world.

As an adult, I cherish the time I spend alone, especially on a scenic hike. Being in the woods fills me with create energy. And, being in solitude restores my center.


2 thoughts on “Alone by choice…solitude

  1. I’m an only child too and feel more comfortable alone, although I can act the extrovert when I need to. I enjoy solitude as well and agree nature is the perfect companion. Beautiful photo.


    1. Thanks so much for the feedback. I find that I’m a bit of a chameleon. Depending on the group I’m in I can be silly, talkative, professional, dramatic or passionate. Usually, the more familiar and comfortable I am with the people I’m with, the more open and expressive I can be. Left on my own though, I’m simply quiet, usually lost in thought.

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