Infinite double-vision

There’s something about the infinite reflections of facing mirrors that fascinates me. It’s like unfolding space into alternate dimensions, gateways to other worlds where infinite versions of ourselves are living and working and playing…and blogging.

Sometimes the elevator roulette gives me access to the freight elevator and since it has mirrored doors on both sides I’m given this visual treat.




…goes spring!


We’re riding the weather roller coaster here in Virginia. Daily highs of 55* slowly climb to highs near 80*, then a front rolls through and we’re back in the 50’s. So, I live for those blissful 75* days.

Our state capital is decked out in red, white and blue landscaping. So very bright and cheerful. I was happy to get up close and personal with the red tulips and even happier to find the surprise of a bright yellow “pop” in their center.

100_0706_cropped_web 100_0708_web



Sharper in black and white

What I love best about Richmond architecture is the juxtaposition of  old and new living side-by-side in harmony.

My favorite example of this is the Old City Hall building. It’s High Victorian Gothic design contrasts beautifully with the modern glass buildings surrounding it.

100_0691_BW_web 100_0700_BW_web 100_0689_BW_web100_0702_BW_web 100_0692_BW_web

And in color, which do you think is better?

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Nature, the ultimate artist


I’ve always been fascinated by the wondrous beauty found in nature; the play of sunlight through leaves, the swirl of a river around stones, the ever-changing clouds in the sky.

On my twice-daily walks from my parking deck to my office, I pass this tree. It fascinates me, because it’s bark cracks and peels off in almost a hexagon shape. Truly, the most unique tree I’ve ever seen.

One last note on this post. I’m not sure if this is purposeful, but the sidewalk is paved with hexagonal tiles…seems the universe is at work here.

100_0667_cropped_web  100_0669_web




Alas, I’ve been away for a while and I’m a bit behind…okay, a lot behind. *ack*

Preparing to move, actually moving and now recovering (and unpacking) from the move has taken three weeks of hard labor. I’ve been telling friends and family that I’m completely moved out of my old apartment but I’m far from being moved in. Having a lot to do really is an understatement.

So, I could have taken a photo of the Richmond skyline or gotten a nice shot of one of our high-rises. But, the image that means “big” to me right now is this tower of boxes in my craft room.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Tango, it’s all about the connection…


I recently attended a 20’s inspired tango event, Flappers & Philosophers Milonga, at the John Marshall Hotel.

When learning to dance the Argentine Tango, almost every instructor would say, “It’s all about the connection.” This dance is often referred to as the walking embrace. Partners lean in towards each other, the woman often close enough to press her cheek against the man’s face, the man’s supporting arm wrapping around the woman’s shoulders. It’s quite intimate.

A follower can do anything the leader asks – if the connection is there. One learns a lot about their partner with this dance; how they interpret the music, how they communicate the next step, even their personality – assertive, social and sometimes playful. All without speaking a single word.

The invitation to dance is usually unspoken as well. Gazes meet across a crowded dance floor, the quirk of an eyebrow, the nod of a head, a sly smile, a proffered hand.

Tango taught me how to connect through dance and I am forever grateful.

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