Tango, it’s all about the connection…


I recently attended a 20’s inspired tango event, Flappers & Philosophers Milonga, at the John Marshall Hotel.

When learning to dance the Argentine Tango, almost every instructor would say, “It’s all about the connection.” This dance is often referred to as the walking embrace. Partners lean in towards each other, the woman often close enough to press her cheek against the man’s face, the man’s supporting arm wrapping around the woman’s shoulders. It’s quite intimate.

A follower can do anything the leader asks – if the connection is there. One learns a lot about their partner with this dance; how they interpret the music, how they communicate the next step, even their personality – assertive, social and sometimes playful. All without speaking a single word.

The invitation to dance is usually unspoken as well. Gazes meet across a crowded dance floor, the quirk of an eyebrow, the nod of a head, a sly smile, a proffered hand.

Tango taught me how to connect through dance and I am forever grateful.

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