CreativeSprint – Day 7

Observe a pet or watch a video of your favorite animal. Make something inspired by it.

My favorite animals include: butterflies (obviously, right?), cats, horses, frogs and turtles.

Since I have a plethora of cat pics, I decided to create a photo collage butterfly for today’s challenge.

SKM_C36816041208220_webIf you’re curious, and because they’re so cute I can’t help but share, here are the photos I used to create the collage. Can you say, aaaww…

Camilla in the cat bliss zone
Baby playing “cat in a box”
close-up of Baby’s paws from above
close-up of Baby’s eyes from above (the “red eye” here was really cool)
Baby and Birdie chillin’ while I did my “Home is where” shoot
Baby sitting pretty


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