Butterfly chain


CreativeSprint – Day 25: Teach us how to do something.


What was your favorite day of CreativeSprint so far and why?

How to make a butterfly paper chain, step by step.

Step 1 – Choose a piece of paper and fold it, accordion-style. (Hint: Be sure to make the folds even and four layers max. The paper pictured is 4 1/4 inches by 11 inches and folded into quarters)


Step 2 – Press all layers flat, draw the image you want on the top layer. (Hint: Be vigilant of your folded edges. This is how the paper chain stays connected, so don’t cut completely through your folds.)


Step 3 – Cut out your design (Don’t cut through those folds!). You can also cut out shapes within your image, like making snowflakes in grade school. My design was too ambitious for the tools I had available. Specialty scissors or Exacto knives will allow for more detail.


Step 4 – Unfold and enjoy! You can leave the paper plain white or decorate it.


In reflection, my favorite CreativeSprint day was Cat-terfly for the simple reason that I had fun. It didn’t feel like work to create this and the idea came to me easily.


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