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CreativeSprint – Day 26: Take your inspiration from something that happened today in history.


Did you notice anything unusual or surprising about yourself or your work during Creative Sprint?

My first stop was Wikipedia. Unfortunately, it appeared to be all bad news: wars breaking out, natural disasters, the rise of the Nazi party, blech.

By now, you may have realized that anything having to do with news or history is difficult for me. So, I did a quick web search for “good news on this day in history” and found the Good News Network. Whew, and thank goodness.

So, the top choices for me were: Marcus Aurelius (birthday), John James Audubon (birthday), Carol Burnett (birthday) and the discovery of top quarks.

Since I love fractals and any artistic representations of theoretical math in general, quarks it is.

On reflection, what’s surprised me most about participating in CreativeSprint has been a growing enthusiasm to share my creations no matter how poorly executed or confident I am about them. Normally, and anyone who is Facebook friends with me will know this, I’m terrible about posting. So, thank you CreativeSprint for nudging me out of my shell.



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