Paper Butterfly


Week One: (Day 3) Make something out of paper, but don’t use scissors or glue or draw on it. What now? (And no, you don’t have to know origami to do this.)

So initially, I considered tearing paper into little bits and arranging them. But, I seem to have a psychotic aversion to creating something temporary.

Then, I remembered a high school art project involving making our own paper by putting colored paper in a blender…paper smoothie anyone?

Well, the results are in and they’re not perfect. I didn’t have all the tools needed, like a mould & deckle and couching material & a press. All those goodies are on my wish list now though.

So , this project came out as more of a sculpture that a piece of art paper. Fun, nonetheless.

 100_0988_web 100_0990_web100_0994_web


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