7 Bullet Friday – Saying ‘Good-bye’

Good-bye: Don’t panic, I’m not going anywhere… However, my writer’s group, Writers Endeavor, is bidding Yahoo Groups farewell. Our group has been on Yahoo since October 2005 (I joined the group in July 2009). It had been our message board, our file upload area and an all-around place to share ‘stuff.’ After having trouble uploading files and receiving notifications of said files and being unable to delete files that have been in the upload area for years, we’ve decided to switch to a simpler solution of a group email. We’ll remind each other of meeting times and share files the old-fashioned way. Good-bye Yahoo Groups, we’ll miss you…

What I’m reading this week: Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Super Villain, by Richard Roberts. The publisher’s summary reads: Penelope Akk wants to be a superhero. She’s got superhero parents. She’s got the ultimate mad science power, filling her life with crazy gadgets that even she doesn’t understand. She has two super-powered best friends. In middle school the line between good and evil looks clear. In real life nothing is that clear. All it takes is one hero’s sidekick picking a fight, and Penny and her friends are labeled super villains. In the process Penny learns a hard lesson about villainy: She’s good at it.
My humble opinion: It’s a charming story so far, a bit cutesy at times, but it is middle-grade fiction after all. I’m about a third of the way through. It’s told in 1st person point of view and the author is very fond of using alternatives to ‘said’ such as squealed, quipped, sighed, snarked, etc. It’s a bit distracting, especially via audiobook when the narrator has already acted the descriptive. I’m interested to see how Roberts plays out the hero/villain or good/evil aspect. He’s playing with the shades of grey here. Our MC is afraid of disappointing her parents by being a super villain/bad person, but it doesn’t seem that there are any truly evil characters. And maybe that’s the point.

My favorite dream interpretation this week:
1. If the dreamer is throwing stones, she is repressing anger that should be expunged.
2. Stones on a riverbank indicate a time of peace and tranquility coming up.
3. Stepping stones are a symbol for slow but sure advancement.
4. Cobblestones represent a rough road ahead.
5. Huge stones or boulders represent obstacles – and the larger the stone, the bigger the obstacle.
Astrological parallel: Saturn.
Tarot parallel: The suit of Pentacles.

My favorite Abraham quote this week:
“You’re never going to get to any final place. And so, we want to remind you to relax and start having fun on the way.” —Abraham
To learn more about Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks), the Law of Attraction, or to sign up for Abraham’s daily quote visit: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/index.php

My favorite writing prompt this week:
“Your eccentric great uncle recently died and left you his estate, which includes a rather large house filled with doors that don’t always lead where you’d expect.”

My favorite writing quote this week:
“Dialogue is not just quotation. It is grimaces, pauses, adjustments of blouse buttons, doodles on a napkin and crossings of legs.” –Jerome Stern

My favorite from the inter-webs: I found this gem researching herbal medicines to use in my writing. The link below is to the remedies list. All of the herbs are linked to their own page, with a photo and additional info on the sidebar such as how to grow the plant, recipes, and (my favorite) magic and superstition. I’m sure this will quickly become a well-visited site for my herbal magic research.
Find it at: http://www.gardensablaze.com/HerbRemedies.htm


3 thoughts on “7 Bullet Friday – Saying ‘Good-bye’

  1. Sigh for Yahoo… But it makes me chuckle to see you quote Jerry Stern. He wasn’t my favorite writing professor (females never got higher than a B+ in his classes), but he was a good one nonetheless. His writing about the craft was even better. And how he handled teaching and writing while dying of cancer was, well, kinda epic. Bud-style menschy.


    1. Wow! Honestly (head bowed in shame) I had no idea who Stern was. The quote caught my eye and that’s all the thought I put behind it. So, it looks like his quote connected with you on a whole other sychronistic level.
      Your comment has me thinking now that we need to find a way to get some Bud Webster quotes out into the universe…


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