Home Sweet Home


Day 7 – Make something that represents the town, city, state or country you call home.

Even though I live in Richmond, Virginia, my home, my heart will always be in the mountains. I often miss the woods and the winding roads.

May parents still live in the Christiansburg area and the mountain photo was taken from my parents’ driveway.

Sorry RVA for the black and white version, I was going for contrast. No offense…

I’ve included the full-color versions below. Let me know if I made the right choice for the featured image.


day-7-home-v3 day-7-home-v1


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hi Honey!  Pam at my E.Cayce group loved this one and would like to see cloudy, grey clouds below the butterfly and blue skies above it. Like the butterfly is chasing the storm away.  Your art is creating new images from minds everywhere.  Great job!


    1. Please let Pam know I appreciate her following my blog and that I love her idea of the blue sky of the butterfly chasing away the grey of the city background. It was difficult with this one to find the right balance.


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