My big Christmas project

or, how I spent the month of December…

My boyfriend is very hard to shop for. Usually, what he wants he buys for himself and it’s usually something tech and out of my price range.

He let me in on a secret though, he likes to receive gifts that are handmade. They’re unique, made with love and made specifically for him. So, after Googling “handmade gifts for guys,” I stumbled upon this gem of an idea: a chess set made of hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, etc.)

It took a bit of planning and several trips to Home Depot, but I managed to make a nice set that comes close to the project as pictured.

My boyfriend loved it!

He cautioned me from making one every year though, so I’ll have to hit the creative drawing board next year. I’m up to the challenge.

100_1341 100_1342


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