Getting excited about 2017


2017, a universal year holding the energy of 1. New beginnings, new directions…

I sat down with pad and purple pen the other day and the ideas just flowed. A bubbling excitement filled me as my list grew. This reaction is quite contrary to my usual feeling of overwhelm when I see a long to-do list. This time I actually felt hopeful and anticipatory.

Mostly, my focus is on growing this blog and building a Pinterest presence (right now, I’m more of a follower than a creator). Here are a few of my long-term plans for 2017:

Blog post ideas (to be mirrored on FB):

  •  Writing
    • I’d love to be able to post the status on my novel on a weekly basis, but it’s resting right now. I like to think of this first draft as bread dough that needs time to rise before I pound it into shape. Once I’m ready to face it again, I’ll post the first three chapters.
    •  In the meantime, I’m submitting short stories at my monthly writers group. When those have been edited and are ready for human consumption, I’ll post them. My goal is monthly.
  •  Artwork
    • I’m looking forward to picking up where I left off on Butterfly-of-the-Week. This should resume in February.
    •  I’m also toying with other ideas for weekly posts: Doodle-of-the-Week, Inspirational Quotes, Zentangles, Mandalas/Chakras, color palettes (a photograph with a color range picked out), there’s even a part of my fashion-design-college-major self that wants to post weekly outfits or fashion plates that I’ve designed myself.
    •  I also received an iPad and iPencil as Christmas gifts! (Lucky girl? Yes, I am.!) So, I’d like to post about my learning experience with Procreate. I have a lot of learning to do though…
  •  30-day Challenges
    •  I plan to participate in at least two 30-day challenges, like CreativeSprint, 64MillionArtists and WordPress’s Photography101 or some other class.


  •  Mostly with Pinterest, I want to develop my own public boards and hope that folks will actually follow them:
    •  Art and artists that inspire me
    •  Fashion, beauty and hairstyles (I have really long curly hair and I’m always looking for cool up-do’s)
    •  Writing tips
    •  Inspirational quotes
    •  My own art, digital and otherwise. (Is it uncool to Pin your own stuff? Hmm…)

So here I am, excited all over again!

Wish me luck as I endeavor to post weekly (my biggest challenge) and I’ll see you out in the blog-sphere.

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