7 Bullet Friday – A bit of fun

  • Pinterest Update: I spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest. In fact, it’s where I gather the writing prompts and writing quotes that I share every week. I also have boards on writing tips/techniques, character development and several boards dedicated to Dragon World and its various dragons. There are lots of other boards too. It seems like every time a new idea strikes me, I’m creating a board for that. So, I thought I’d share a few Dragon World related images from my Pinterest stash.
  • What I’m reading this week: Age of Myth: Book One of the Legends of the First Empire by Michael J. Sullivan. I’m new to the works of Michael Sullivan and I’m not sure how I found him other than I’m trying to read epic fantasy fiction since I’m writing and epic fantasy. He’s written several novels in this universe and this is the first of the “pre-quels.” So, instead of reading his books from oldest to newest, I thought I’d read them chronologically according to the world. The book was slow to start as there are several POV characters and we needed to get to know them and what they want. Once the story got going though, I have to say I’m enjoying the read. I’m at the mid-point and am finding it hard to put the novel away so I can work. I can only hope my storytelling is half this good.
  • My favorite dream interpretation this week:
    1. Dreams of writing letters can mean the need to get in touch with people whom you haven’t spoken with in a while.
    2. Dreams of writing novels, plays or stories indicate that there is a creative streak in you that needs an outlet. Many great authors have received inspiration from their dreams.
    3. To dream of writing and not knowing what you’re writing is a warning that you may be inadvertently communicating messages to others that they are misinterpreting in an insulting way.
  • My favorite Abraham quote this week:
    “Being in love is so good for you. Often when people are newly in love, things that have been bothering them for a long time get better. Something wonderful is calling the majority of their attention, so they’re holding themselves in a better vibrational place, so the stuff they’ve been wanting all along can now zoom in.” —Abraham
    To learn more about Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks), the Law of Attraction, or to sign up for Abraham’s daily quote visit: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/index.php
  • My favorite writing prompt this week:
    “I know the voices aren’t real, but man do they come up with some great ideas.”
  • My favorite writing quote this week:
    “The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike say, a brain surgeon.” –Robert Cormier
  • My favorite from the inter-webs: If you’re at the point in your writing journey where you’re ready to look for editors and agents, a fellow writer recommended this site to me. Manuscript Wish List offer advice on their blog, but the crème de la crème is the editors and agents search feature. Hover over the “Find Editors and Agents” tab and choose the “Genre/Name Search.” Here, you can select whether you want an agent or editor, and the genres for both fiction and non-fiction. This narrows the list considerably and you’re guaranteed to have a professional who is looking for the genre you are writing. You still have to go through the list to get the specifics on each person, but it’s more fruitful work.
    Check it out at: http://www.manuscriptwishlist.com/




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