A thousand tiny butterflies

Week Two: (Day 14) Make something microscopic. How small can you work? Can you make something that requires a magnifying glass or microscope to see?

I could have created a super small butterfly shape on a white background, but it felt like the old polar-bear-in-a-blizzard shtick. So, instead of just one minute butterfly, I decided on thousands (probably, I didn’t count them). Here’s a detail shot of the finished image. Each individual butterfly is only 15 pixels.

The butterfly pic came from Pixabay, my favorite go-to source for free, hi-res, open source images. And, the Photoshop tutorial came from Blue Lightning TV on YouTube, a treasure trove of great Photoshop videos.

(Day 14) is the prompt designation in Noah Scalin’s book, 365: A Daily Creativity Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life! I am using this book as the catalyst and inspiration for these weekly posts.




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