Week Six (Day 18) Work with the things you find in your car (or a friend’s car if you don’t have one).

The engine’s in the car, right? My Mazda6 never looked so cute!

This prompt had me spiraling down the vortex of my detail-oriented, down-in-the-weeds self. I had all kinds of mental images of a “metal” effect on a gathering of flowers and adding a bit of “rust” for depth, not to mention using hubcaps for the center of the flowers and the headlights the petals.  After hours of puttering around on Photoshop, spinning my wheels, I finally took a step back. I realized continuing down this road would cost me more hours and miles of research on technique. So, I took a brain detour and tried to think of where a car butterfly would go for “flowers.” My first thought was a junkyard, but that seemed kind of cannibalistic, especially if there were a lot of junked cars. In a flash of inspiration, I thought of using a shot of the engine block. A quick snap and color adjustment later and I was pulling into the garage…

Thanks for tolerating all my car puns!


(Day 18) is the prompt designation in Noah Scalin’s book, 365: A Daily Creativity Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life! I am using this book as the catalyst and inspiration for these weekly posts.


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