Getting excited about 2017


2017, a universal year holding the energy of 1. New beginnings, new directions…

I sat down with pad and purple pen the other day and the ideas just flowed. A bubbling excitement filled me as my list grew. This reaction is quite contrary to my usual feeling of overwhelm when I see a long to-do list. This time I actually felt hopeful and anticipatory.

Mostly, my focus is on growing this blog and building a Pinterest presence (right now, I’m more of a follower than a creator). Here are a few of my long-term plans for 2017:

Blog post ideas (to be mirrored on FB):

  •  Writing
    • I’d love to be able to post the status on my novel on a weekly basis, but it’s resting right now. I like to think of this first draft as bread dough that needs time to rise before I pound it into shape. Once I’m ready to face it again, I’ll post the first three chapters.
    •  In the meantime, I’m submitting short stories at my monthly writers group. When those have been edited and are ready for human consumption, I’ll post them. My goal is monthly.
  •  Artwork
    • I’m looking forward to picking up where I left off on Butterfly-of-the-Week. This should resume in February.
    •  I’m also toying with other ideas for weekly posts: Doodle-of-the-Week, Inspirational Quotes, Zentangles, Mandalas/Chakras, color palettes (a photograph with a color range picked out), there’s even a part of my fashion-design-college-major self that wants to post weekly outfits or fashion plates that I’ve designed myself.
    •  I also received an iPad and iPencil as Christmas gifts! (Lucky girl? Yes, I am.!) So, I’d like to post about my learning experience with Procreate. I have a lot of learning to do though…
  •  30-day Challenges
    •  I plan to participate in at least two 30-day challenges, like CreativeSprint, 64MillionArtists and WordPress’s Photography101 or some other class.


  •  Mostly with Pinterest, I want to develop my own public boards and hope that folks will actually follow them:
    •  Art and artists that inspire me
    •  Fashion, beauty and hairstyles (I have really long curly hair and I’m always looking for cool up-do’s)
    •  Writing tips
    •  Inspirational quotes
    •  My own art, digital and otherwise. (Is it uncool to Pin your own stuff? Hmm…)

So here I am, excited all over again!

Wish me luck as I endeavor to post weekly (my biggest challenge) and I’ll see you out in the blog-sphere.

Approaching planner nirvana

I love it when an box arrives at my desk. Today’s box of goodies includes a new planner from Tools4Wisdom.

100_0783This isn’t your basic monthly/weekly planner. It’s built to help one achieve their goals. There’s a section for over-all goal planning. From there you rank, filtering your goals down to monthly, weekly and daily priorities.

I have trouble planning my goals. I’ve started time and again to list them and break them down into bite-size chunks. But, somehow, just listing them all creates this sensation of exhaustion. I look at everything that I have/want to accomplish and within minutes it feels unobtainable and so, I take a nap.

I looked at about six different planners, scrutinizing the pages and watching YouTube videos. It was this video by Marcijd that finally sold me. Another bonus for this calendar is it starts around the month you order it (mine starts April 1) so, you’re not stuck with a planner that has a block of months already passed. You start where you are.

So here I go, diving feet first into taking a good hard look at my goals and ultimately planning them out for the next 12 months. I have a lot of balls in the air: finishing a novel and starting on the next, getting new items up on my, shop, working with Agile Writers to plan the 2017 writer’s conference, home improvement projects, not to mention my 9-5 job…

I’m looking forward to stress-free (and colorful) goal planning!