A walk in the park

CreativeSprint – Day 4

Take a 5 minute walk with no set destination. Make something with whatever materials you can find where you’ve ended up. Leave it for someone else to find but don’t forget to document it first!

I met up with my workout buddy after work and we walked from 2nd & Franklin to Monroe Park. Once there, I found some lovely Magnolia leaves and other tree debris and put together this rustic, au-naturale, butterfly.



Nature, the ultimate artist


I’ve always been fascinated by the wondrous beauty found in nature; the play of sunlight through leaves, the swirl of a river around stones, the ever-changing clouds in the sky.

On my twice-daily walks from my parking deck to my office, I pass this tree. It fascinates me, because it’s bark cracks and peels off in almost a hexagon shape. Truly, the most unique tree I’ve ever seen.

One last note on this post. I’m not sure if this is purposeful, but the sidewalk is paved with hexagonal tiles…seems the universe is at work here.

100_0667_cropped_web  100_0669_web