Inspirations from my childhood


After writing my last post, I felt compelled to reminisce…

Here are the top five influences on the imaginary play of my childhood. I draw from these for inspiration today.

Doctor Who (Tom Baker) – It wasn’t just the coat, the fedora and oh-my-god the best scarf ever, it was the promise of adventure and spontaneity. I remember playing in the expanse of woods that was my back yard and hoping that I would come across the TARDIS. It was one of my greatest childhood wishes to join the Doctor on an adventure or two.
Star Trek (Original Series) – Oh yeah, Kirk had his charms, but it was Spock that I admired (I even had a bit of a crush). He helped make it okay to be intellectual and different.
Twilight Zone (80’s reboot) – There were so many episodes that affected me on an emotional level, they should have a list of their own.
Fairy Tales (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin) – For me, these stories were about discovering I was more than what showed on the surface, and the potential to move past it into who I could become.
Romancing the Stone (1984) – What I loved (and still love) about this film is that our heroine lived in her fantasy world, then she has a real adventure and became a real version of the heroine she wrote in her novels.

Seems there is a theme emerging here…

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