Pages of a Book-er-fly


Week Three: (Day 8) Transform an old book into something new by cutting, folding, gluing and so on.

So, I absolutely needed a book that I don’t care about. All the books I own are ones I want to keep. So, it’s off to a thrift store…thank you 2nd and Charles for your free book bins.

The first idea I had was to cut away the page edges or the center (like a book safe) so when the book is opened, there’s a butterfly shape.

The second idea was inspired by a recent trip to a shabby-chic consignment shop. There were a few wreaths on display made from old sheet music rolled into cone shapes.

Then, I discovered book folding…and that was all she wrote. A few YouTube tutorials and and couple of hours on Photoshop later, I had a plan and a template. I ran out of pages on my first attempt (thankfully, I picked up two books) and now I have a bookshelf-worthy book-er-fly.