Butterfly chain


CreativeSprint – Day 25: Teach us how to do something.


What was your favorite day of CreativeSprint so far and why?

How to make a butterfly paper chain, step by step.

Step 1 – Choose a piece of paper and fold it, accordion-style. (Hint: Be sure to make the folds even and four layers max. The paper pictured is 4 1/4 inches by 11 inches and folded into quarters)


Step 2 – Press all layers flat, draw the image you want on the top layer. (Hint: Be vigilant of your folded edges. This is how the paper chain stays connected, so don’t cut completely through your folds.)


Step 3 – Cut out your design (Don’t cut through those folds!). You can also cut out shapes within your image, like making snowflakes in grade school. My design was too ambitious for the tools I had available. Specialty scissors or Exacto knives will allow for more detail.


Step 4 – Unfold and enjoy! You can leave the paper plain white or decorate it.


In reflection, my favorite CreativeSprint day was Cat-terfly for the simple reason that I had fun. It didn’t feel like work to create this and the idea came to me easily.


Today in history

Sub-atomic Butterfly_web

CreativeSprint – Day 26: Take your inspiration from something that happened today in history.


Did you notice anything unusual or surprising about yourself or your work during Creative Sprint?

My first stop was Wikipedia. Unfortunately, it appeared to be all bad news: wars breaking out, natural disasters, the rise of the Nazi party, blech.

By now, you may have realized that anything having to do with news or history is difficult for me. So, I did a quick web search for “good news on this day in history” and found the Good News Network. Whew, and thank goodness.

So, the top choices for me were: Marcus Aurelius (birthday), John James Audubon (birthday), Carol Burnett (birthday) and the discovery of top quarks.

Since I love fractals and any artistic representations of theoretical math in general, quarks it is.

On reflection, what’s surprised me most about participating in CreativeSprint has been a growing enthusiasm to share my creations no matter how poorly executed or confident I am about them. Normally, and anyone who is Facebook friends with me will know this, I’m terrible about posting. So, thank you CreativeSprint for nudging me out of my shell.



Using my left hand…


CreativeSprint – Day 15: Work with your non-dominant hand. If you are usually right-handed use¬†your left, if you are left-handed use your right. If you are ambidextrous use your nose ūüėČ

Since I knew this would come out looking like my eight-year-old self did it, I chose a pre-printed wooden masquerade mask from the children’s craft section at my favorite destination…Michael’s.

I was actually surprised at how well I did using my left hand. It ended up being a very meditative process for me. Everything in the background faded away like someone turned the volume down on the world as I found myself super focused as I worked.

From a distance it looks pretty good, up close though is another story…

100_0856_web 100_0843_web


Butterfly in the water…


CreativeSprint – Day 10: Use water as your medium or inspiration, today.

Okay, so this one took a while, mostly because I had an idea of what I wanted to do (take paper butterflies to a lake or stream and photograph them on the water) and I just couldn’t get myself to the location I wanted.

So, I decided to take an old piece that I used to try out some a new paints. I cut out butterfly shapes. Instead of a collage, I sprayed the painted paper, flipped the color side down and let the colors run.

The result, pretty cool.

100_0848_web 100_0847_web 100_0841_web


Newsworthy butterfly


Day 19: Scan a newspaper or¬†newsite and make something inspired by today’s headlines.

During the daylight hours, I work at a newspaper. Problem is, I’m not a news person. I don’t watch the news and I try not to read the news, it’s just too sad, depressing and infuriating. So, I decided to make some origami butterflies to make the news pretty instead.

100_0827_web 100_0835_web100_0826_web


Makes me smile

Creative Sprint – Day 16

Create something that makes you laugh out loud.

I don’t think I have an extraordinary sense of humor, although people tend to think I’m funny when I’m completely serious.

I can get my boyfriend laughing, but I think he’s biased.

So, I decided to create something that makes me smile instead of laughing out load…I hope you smile too.

100_0825_web 100_0823_web


It’s in the bag

CreativeSprint – Day 12

Work with only what you find in your pockets or bag, today.

My purse may look small but it holds a ton of crap. Good news for this challenge!

Despite the urge to use my shoulder bag which has a rainbow assortment of PaperMate Flairs, I challenged myself to use the contents of my purse. So, with the exception of a pair of scissors from my desk, I used: the back of an old shopping list, a black ball point pen, nail polish, lip gloss and dental floss.

I even employed my novice Zentangle skills…woot!

100_0815_web 100_0816_web100_0819_web 100_0820_web



Butterfly face

CreativeSrpint – Day 8

Make something while you are in the bathroom or with materials found in the bathroom, today.

My first thought with this one was, eeeww….

Then I rolled my eyes at myself and chided, “It’s while you’re in the bathroom Denise, not while you’re going to the bathroom.” So, shaking those image out of my mind (yes, sometimes I’m still 12-years-old) wonderful ideas started to fill my mind. I do have art supplies in the bathroom. I use every day to paint on my face…





CreativeSprint – Day 7

Observe a pet or watch a video of your favorite animal. Make something inspired by it.

My favorite animals include: butterflies (obviously, right?), cats, horses, frogs and turtles.

Since I have a plethora of cat pics, I decided to create a photo collage butterfly for today’s challenge.

SKM_C36816041208220_webIf you’re curious, and because they’re so cute I can’t help but share, here are the photos I used to create the collage. Can you say, aaaww…

Camilla in the cat bliss zone
Baby playing “cat in a box”
close-up of Baby’s paws from above
close-up of Baby’s eyes from above (the “red eye” here was really cool)
Baby and Birdie chillin’ while I did my “Home is where” shoot
Baby sitting pretty