Butterfly face

CreativeSrpint – Day 8

Make something while you are in the bathroom or with materials found in the bathroom, today.

My first thought with this one was, eeeww….

Then I rolled my eyes at myself and chided, “It’s while you’re in the bathroom Denise, not while you’re going to the bathroom.” So, shaking those image out of my mind (yes, sometimes I’m still 12-years-old) wonderful ideas started to fill my mind. I do have art supplies in the bathroom. I use every day to paint on my face…





CreativeSprint – Day 7

Observe a pet or watch a video of your favorite animal. Make something inspired by it.

My favorite animals include: butterflies (obviously, right?), cats, horses, frogs and turtles.

Since I have a plethora of cat pics, I decided to create a photo collage butterfly for today’s challenge.

SKM_C36816041208220_webIf you’re curious, and because they’re so cute I can’t help but share, here are the photos I used to create the collage. Can you say, aaaww…

Camilla in the cat bliss zone
Baby playing “cat in a box”
close-up of Baby’s paws from above
close-up of Baby’s eyes from above (the “red eye” here was really cool)
Baby and Birdie chillin’ while I did my “Home is where” shoot
Baby sitting pretty


A walk in the park

CreativeSprint – Day 4

Take a 5 minute walk with no set destination. Make something with whatever materials you can find where you’ve ended up. Leave it for someone else to find but don’t forget to document it first!

I met up with my workout buddy after work and we walked from 2nd & Franklin to Monroe Park. Once there, I found some lovely Magnolia leaves and other tree debris and put together this rustic, au-naturale, butterfly.



That’s my name


CreativeSprint РDay 3

Make something inspired by your own name.

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Denise.

Thoughts on wordplay:

  • Denise, derived from Dionysus, the Greek god of wine – still-life with wine and cheese, use wine to paint a butterfly…
  • Den-ise – ice – butterfly ice sculpture, ice cubes arranged in the shape of a butterfly…
  • De-nise – nice – knees – draw butterflies on both my knees….

Choices, choices, choices…and the winner is…

…wine, of course!

I used two red blends and a Moscato for the “watercolor” portion, then added detail with markers. And bonus, I got to enjoy a glass of wine while I worked. Fabulous!






Have you heard about this?

I’m a fan of the Skull-a-day author Noah Scalin. He was a panelist for a James River Writers seminar where he introduced his book “Unstuck” in 2011. Since then I’ve been on the lookout for a smaller, more doable challenge and when I saw this 30-day sprint mentioned in the blog-sphere, I signed up.

That was months ago. So long ago in fact, I’d forgotten about it. Then, in the throes of my despair of being so far behind on the Photo 101 blog prompts, along comes the email saying that the CreativeSprint will start soon. In fact, it starts tomorrow, April 1, 2016.

And, that’s no joke. Looks like I’m going to be a very busy girl, very soon.

The only rule is that you do one creative thing a day for 30 days. You can give yourself a theme (the color pink, smiley faces, butterflies, shot glasses) or a method/medium (photography, watercolor, sculpture) to interpret with each daily challenge. Or, change things up day by day.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me as I dive in feet first into another creative blogging endeavor.




Hello, my pretties…


*cackling laugh*My Pretties - web

I know it’s a bit late for Halloween humor, but oh well.

Just some late birthday goodies I bought for myself with my birthday gift cards – thanks again Mom, Dad and Sweetie-pies!

I feel the creative juices flowing at the mere thought of playing with all my new colors and brushes. I typically use the Chinese brushes as my work is usually loose and contemporary. I also invested in a new bottle of rubber cement and a “pick-up” eraser to play with resists. And, I’m very excited to experiment with the Prismacolor markers. They’ll be a step up from the Sharpies.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…


Chakra Healing Heart


I created this piece for my dad. In my Reiki studies and reading about energy healing, I learned that when the kundalini energy rising through the chakras encounters a closed or blocked chakra, it can manifest as health issues in the physical body.

Men in particular tend to have blocked heart chakras from a lifetime of suppressed emotional expression. This causes heart issues in the physical body such as heart disease, blocked arteries and heart attacks.

So, I wanted to give him a gentle and safe environment to balance and clear his heart chakra and in the process bring his other chakras into balance.

This started as a small sketch in a pocket-size journal. I knew that I wanted the color of the heart chakra (green) as the focal point. I added the grounding energy of the root chakra (red) to add balance on either side of the piece.

The energy of these complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel) makes this a very powerful and striking painting.

Prints of this piece along with a piece that I created for my mom are available on Etsy.